My buddy Jon Gattman emails me: "Durant, what society / country's food is most paleo?  Least paleo?"

Good question.  I face this whenever I go out in NYC or order take-out.  And I've built up a mental list of best and worst ethnic cuisines for eating paleo.

Let's see what you have to say first in the polls below.  I'll share the results later this week, plus my responses.

6 Responses to “Which ethnic cuisines are the least paleo-friendly?”

  1. Primal Toad says:

     I voted for Italian as the least friendly as I immediately think of pasta and pizza. And as we all know, those 2 things are completely opposite of primal/paleo.


    Which is the most friendly? I am not really sure. I voted Indian…

  2. Levi says:

     I made a dish last night that is popular in Northern Thailand called Laab. It is basically a hand ground meat dish, often boiled, flavored with onions and shallots and mint, lightly spiced, and served with cabbage leaves. Another terrific Thai dish, papaya salad. Usually shredded and bruised fresh papaya, with spices, and some sort of soft shellfish. There is a great soup called yentafo, pork broth with sea veggies, tripe, and gelled pork blood. Very tasty! Make them at home or find a very authentic Thai restaurant. The popular Thai places add an very large amount of sugar to please the American palate.

  3. Zohar says:

    Halal and Middle Eastern, but no Jewish? 

  4. Paul says:

    I vote for American style Italian as the least friendly (it’s all pasta). Around me (NoVa) Korean is the easiest place to get a satisfying meat and vegetable meal.

  5. Joshua says:

    Most curries and stirfry can be served over steamed veggies instead of rice… in fact most of my home recipes are curries of some sort.

    That being said, eating at restaurants is something I rarely do unless it’s BBQ and I order just "a pound of whatever". on a plate and skip the sauce. Unless it’s sashimi or Okonomiyaki (made with paleo-friendly ingredients), Japanese food is pretty much out. Thanks to corn starch, ketsup, and sugar used in American-style Chinese food, it’s also out. Thai can potentially be paleo, but never "out of the box" – you’ll need to inform them (stirfry served in lettuce leaves). I’ve had Pho prepared without noodles, but the way my body felt afterward leads me to believe that Vietnamese food is also on the "out" (although I love their use of Offal). 



  6. Flipaleo says:

     I would have voted Filipino , my home cuisine, as most paleo (the high animal fat kind), but i know it won’t win cause no one knows about it except maybe the boiled duck fetus (which is pretty paleo and tasty after a few beers). Except all the white rice the rest of the food is quite paleo. Check out Sisig, which is spicy pork cheeks and brains minced served in a hotplate. Dinuguan , innards and blood stew. Inasal baboy or lechon which a whole pig roast, which Anthony Bourdain placed a the top of the pork hierarchy, above Bali and Puerto Rico. We also have kinilaw which is like ceviche, fish ‘cooked’ in vinegar and coconut milk. Most of the vegetable dishes are just boiled and a bit of salt and meat.  We don’t really have vegetarian dishes :) . There is a lot more, wish a lot more people would check it out.

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