I received the following email from the Tough Mudder team yesterday.  The main feedback?  Make it tougher, longer (it wasn’t a full 7 miles), and create more and longer obstacles.  Full email below.  (Apparently TM and I use the same shade of grey.)  You can see my prior comments on the race and actions shots

I’d like to know what percentage of runners finish a marathon?  What about triathlons?  Not the elite races, just the ones for the general population.

The bottom line: If they want the race to be tough, some people are not going to be able to finish.


3 Responses to “Tough Mudder not…tough enough”

  1. Alishahndra says:

    O.K. I was excited before, but after reading the obstacles from the NorCal one, I am even more excited, and a bit concerned about the school bus…  http://toughmudder.com/events/northern-california/bear-valley-course-map/ 

  2. Nate Lowrie says:

     I am running in the Tough Mudder in Dallas on Nov. 13th.  I’ll definitely let you know if it’s harder.  I thought it was decent for the first event.  I did NOT like that you could skip certain obstacles and the length of certain obstacles could have been longer.  Still, as long as they keep the distance less than 12 miles, I think it’s a gosh darn good Primal adaption of a marathon.

    • Steph Bishop says:

       I was really dissapointed with the legnth of the course and the wait for the obstacles did the Spartan Race this weekend in VT they had though about the course much more and was all better put toghether as there were no waits at the obstacles.

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