I did an interview with the New York Observer on standing desks. The reporter messed up my diet, but otherwise it’s a great piece.

“John Durant eats raw foods and lean meats [WTF?] as a follower of the Paleo Diet, and owns a lifestyle brand themed around mimicking ancient human behavior in modern times. He tried to build a standing desk in 2006, using a milk crate and a variety of objects he found around the Midtown management consulting office where he worked as an associate. The contraption lasted for two days. Standing at work felt awkward, and, judging by the sideways glances of his colleagues, it looked equally odd. “Coworkers think it’s goofy and they tease you about it,” he explained. “It makes them feel like they’re lazy. It’s like being the one person at the office birthday who turns down a piece of cake. ‘Just eat the cake!’” He sat back down for four years.”

I eat raw and cooked foods. I also eat lots of fat from both plant and animal sources.

Here’s the whole article, interesting throughout.

8 Responses to “The Great Erection: Standing Desks Are On the Rise”

  1. i get the side eye constantly. every.single.week. someone makes a crack or comment about what i’m eating. i eat a hybrid form of paleo that works for me. mostly raw foods with abundant oily fish, eggs and some red meat. i find that my body doesn’t like super high fat so i stick to something moderate and eat much more fruit than the average ‘grokette’ but like i said i am thriving so why try to reinvent the wheel?


    i find it amusing that health is being chastized and met with smug glances. are these people seriously happy with their lethargy and diabetes? preach on!

  2. Joseph Rice says:

    I have been using a standing desk at home for a few years, and just recently got one at work.  my co-workers have actually been  supportive, as many of them have read the articles on how sitting for long periods of time are a death trap.


    also, i’m probably a bit odd to most of them, because of my diet and religion and other things, but fortunately haven’t had any ill comments directed my way for this! 

  3. Rachel says:

     Sometimes when I tell people I avoid processed foods, they reinterpret this as avoiding cooked foods, perhaps that was the case with the description of your diet in the article. 

    Also, I work for a large Fortune 500 company and a standing desk is a standard request you can make from the ergonomics department with no fuss.

  4. Jim says:

     Hi John, standing desks were common in the late 19th century among the Victorian literati (not that they were anything close to paleolithic). Dickens used a standing desk, for example. In the 20th century, Churchill (a Victorian holdover) wrote at a stand-up desk. Such a desk is a boon to creativity, as many people find that moving and pacing while composing is very helpful to the thought process. I don’t have a stand-up desk, but I have a high bistro-style table, and I frequently write there, pacing about the apartment (always barefoot, inside the apartment and outside), which I find helps me to think. Sitting still at a desk and trying to compose is death to creativity. Thanks for your great work, Jim in Vermont

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