Ever since I attended Robb Wolf's seminar in Brooklyn a few months ago, I've been excited for his book to come out.  Well, just a few days ago he released the new cover, and The Paleo Solution is up on Amazon.  Pre-order this book.

If you know Robb, read his blog, listen to his podcasts, or have attended one of his health seminars, then his book is self-recommending.

Two thoughts on why he chose a great title:


  • I love that he uses the world solution (The Paleo Solution).  This evolutionary approach to health really is about solving problems.  We do this because it works, not because of ideology.  Plus, the word solution conveys that paleo can help a wide variety of health problems (osteoporosis, acne, IBS), it's not just about a diet to lose weight. 
  • Okay, okay, the word DIET is in big red bold letters just below.  I'm quite sure the publisher insisted on it.  Even so, the usage is brilliant if you see what Robb has done.  He's used the word diet as part of the phrase "The Original Human Diet".  I've always liked "The Human Diet" because this usage of diet is actually the proper way to use the term — the types of foods that a person or species eats, not necessarily for weight loss.

So Robb gets a title that doesn't use the word diet, he still puts DIET on the cover, and he actually uses diet in the proper sense of the term.  Love it.

Buy the book.  


Robb Wolf seminar at CrossFit South Brooklyn

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  1. Samantha Moore says:

    Love Robb Wolf.  Already preordered.  Art Devany’s book is also available for preorder on Amazon- due out December 10.

    • Harlow says:

      Been listening to, reading  from and following Robb’s material for a while.  I have def pre-ordered the book and I will be attending his seminar at the end of this month.  Great recommendation. 

      For the uninitiated Robb does an amazingly fantastic job of explaining (in terms that people can understand) the science of why eating "Paleo" works and offers up not only anecdotal support but cites numerous studies for those who are interested in further reading. It is great to have this information banging around in your head for when friends, family, and even strangers have questions.

      I highly recommend his podcasts for anyone who is thinking about or already on "Paleo".  



  2. Jonathan says:

    I’ve reen reading Robb’s blog for a long time now and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of his book…

  3. Huh – note the different cover on the Amazon page: back to Paleo as a "diet, exercise & lifestyle plan" for fat loss and decelerrated ageing… It’s more aesthetically pleasing to me than the one shown in this post (the font of which is distressingly similar to Cordain’s…), but I loved the ‘human diet’ angle as much as you, and now it’s gone… Anyone know why?

  4. Steven says:


    We’ve emailed in the past about meeting up when you have a get together again. I’m in NJ.

    Anyway, I, too, was at Robb’s seminar in Brooklyn.   That would have been a great time to say ‘hello.’

    What you say about Robb and his work is very true. If you know him, you’re buying the book. If you don’t know him, trust that everyone who does is going to buy it and let that persuade you.

  5. Mike Masterson says:

    Thanks for the update John.  I agree with your thoughts on the use of the word "diet"… I just wish it wasn’t in BIG BOLD RED!  That overpowers the other parts of the cover a bit, don’t you think?

    Also, I’m not sure if it’s my browser, but when I click on the links you gave for his blog and podcast, I get an error message telling me I’m not authorized.  They’re both linking to http://huntergatherer.com/node/add/blog.  Just thought you’d like to know.


    -Mike Masterson
    Paleo Diet Info

    • John says:

      You’re right, good catch — thanks for the heads up!

      • You’re very welcome!

        Incidentally, it looks like they decided to go with a different cover all together (and it’s a good thing the red DIET is gone :). 

        What do you think of the new cover?

        BTW, I loved the video of you on Colbert Report (Paleo Man vs. Vegan)… it made me laugh out-loud!  Looks like you guys had a great time making it …  ­čÖé

        Was the guy who played the "vegan" really a vegan?  He definitely looked a little pale!… ­čśë


        • John says:

          No, I think that was Robb’s old cover. If you go to Amazon, they’ve now updated it.

          Glad you liked the Colbert spoof. The vegan was played by a writer on the show…not an actual vegan. (But he played it convincingly)

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