The conventional wisdom continues to crumble.  Today is red meat’s day in the sun.  Read the WSJ article here.  

"A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that the heart risk long associated with red meat comes mostly from processed varieties such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs and cold cuts—and not from steak, hamburgers and other non-processed cuts.

The finding is surprising because both types of red meat are high in saturated fat, a substance believed to be partly responsible for the increased risk of heart disease."

This is the second study in recent months where saturated fat has started to clear its good name.  The conclusion?

"A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD."

Dr. Eades wisely remains cautious of any of these studies, even when it’s in line with your viewpoint (especially then).

The Harvard study points to salt as the culprit — but more sound advice might be: minimize processed foods of any kind in your diet.


(Thanks to David and T.J. for the pointers.)

5 Responses to “Red meat for paleos”

  1. Rahsaan says:

    First!  Kidding.  Thanks for this.  It will go great on my fan page on FB.  Necessary info as always.

  2. chasen says:

    Very interesting perspective that counters our recent cultural shift away from red meat. The real reality is that these meats aren’t the problem, and I am glad to see that this is analysed as fact. Of course, everything in moderation is key.

    I applaud your counter-culture thinking John. If you need any help promoting this simple, yet important cause let me know. 

  3. Chris says:

    Read your GCBC on salt before investing too much in this theory.  I find it hard to believe bacon is bad for you.  Hot dogs on the other hand might be from Satan.  The test is taste.

    • Primal Toad says:

       Bacon from properly raised pigs is fine. Bacon from factory raised pigs that is highly processed and has nitrates and other crap added is terrible.


      Same thing with hot dogs. I buy Applegate Farms 100% Grass-Fed Beef Hot Dogs. The ingredients are 100% grass fed beef, and a few spices  – that’s it. I love them to death and eat them frequently. I of course skip the bun ­čÖé I enjoy them in salads often.

  4. Catherine says:

    Scientific research continues to link an impressive list of health problems to essential fatty acid deficiency and imbalance.  Ongoing clinical research is showing that EFA balance drastically improves markers of health and metabolism even when dietary saturated fat levels are high.  The primary focus should be increasing Omega-3 (while drastically reducing Omega-6’s)…..If only it were easy…..(sigh).

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