I always get a kick of out media portrayals.  Okay, here are the videos from two recent press pieces: ABC Celebrity Diets and NBC 1st Look NY.

The celebrity diet piece was hilarious (if it weren't so sad how many crazy things women do to lose weight).

Here are the ones they covered:

  • The Baby Food Diet.  My main thought during this piece was, why in God's name do they make macaroni-and-cheese flavored baby food?  And is the baby food diet even healthy for…babies?
  • The Raw Food Diet.  Talk about an enormous FAIL.  The first thing we learn is that the female trainer lost her menstrual cycle on a raw food diet (presumably a vegetarian raw food diet).  Then, immediately after, one of the "health experts" gives raw food the highest nutritional rating.  Say what?  An interview with a raw foodie chick reveals that she is HAVING TROUBLE DATING because of her diet.  You have to see it to believe it.
  • The Caveman Diet.  You see a beautiful shot of some delicious bone marrow at one of our paleo meetups, including a shot of yours truly running barefoot through Central Park.  The Caveman Diet gets good reviews.  Megan Fox is the celebrity who supposedly eats paleo, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  • The Dukan Diet.  I had never heard of this, but turns out it is a Protein Sparing Modified Fast.  Eat protein, some fat, and not much else.  Sounds ideal for the goal of rapid weight loss.
  • The Cookie Diet.  Celebrity endorsement by Snookie.
  • The HCG Diet.  Chemical drops you put under your tongue.
  • The Master Cleanse.  Cayenne pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup hocus-pocus.  
  • The Twinkie Diet.

This 1st Look NY piece was a ton of fun to film.

Got a chance to go through my freezer chest.  And George, the host, wanted me to help him prepare for the Tough Mudder.  So I put together an obstacle course in Central Park.  Running, pull-ups (and a muscle-up), picnic table jumps, uphill sprints, balancing, army crawls across a field (Japanese tourists were staring at us) and actually jumping into one of the lakes.  Yeah, that might have been against the rules.  Oh yeah, and tons of stairs, while soaking wet.

Here is the obstacle course map — maybe we can make this a regular event.

12 Responses to “Post-game analysis of ABC Celebrity Diets and 1st Look NY”

  1. Mlkrone says:

    Ahh john…. once an even planner, always an event planner… lol. How do you expect to get out of that vicious circle if you say such things!

  2. robert says:

     i would participate in the central park mudder.  also, i would cookie diet myself into shape if you’re saying it’s a good idea.

  3. robert says:

     i would participate in the central park mudder.  also, i would cookie diet myself into shape if you’re saying it’s a good idea.

  4. Lucas Sconzo says:

     If I’m not mistaken, that’s footage from the awesome Paleo Kitchen Skillshare where we first met, John! Cool to see some more of that again—and congrats on the TV spot!



  5. Sterling says:

    “They claim you’ll feel full on 500 calories a day.”

    Yeaaaah, because eating at starvation levels and causing significant muscle atrophy is REALLY healthy.

  6. Primal Toad says:

    The last part of the video looked like the Warrior Dash which is thankfully coming to Michigan this year! Great to see you in the news again John spreading the "caveman lifestyle." Keep at it!

  7. js290 says:

    Five registered dieticians?  Might as well have gotten a shit throwing monkey. 

  8. Gene says:

    Did they really mess up on your URL? hunter-gather.com? ­čÖé 

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