Here it is — and it’s a good one.

We go behind-the-scenes and discuss my strategy embedded in The Paleo Manifesto.

  • Why it’s easier to agree on gorilla health than human health (Animal Age)
  • Using the Paleolithic as a starting point, not an ending point (Paleolithic Age)
  • Biblical hygiene, and the importance of culture (Agricultural Age)
  • Learning from the British about how to “not die” (Industrial Age)
  • Lessons from hackers, health as computation (Information Age)

Check it out.

And here’s the blurb Robb was kind enough to give:

The Paleo Manifesto is likely the most important contribution to the concept of ancestral health since Boyd Eaton’s original The Paleolithic Prescription.”
–Robb Wolf, New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Solution

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