I’ve never seen evidence of a “Paleolithic Tea Service”….until now.

That’s in San Francisco somewhere. Thanks to Matt Stern for the photos.

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  1. Ian Wendt says:

     Yeah, because paleolithic humans ate braised tofu… That’s as retarded as the Dr. Oz "Prehistoric Diet".

    • Madalyn says:


      Well I definitely don’t live in a place like San Francisco.  Everybody around thinks I am crazy for trying this Paleo diet.  They tell me " that sounds just as crazy as those vegans in Austin" This is probably the wrong forum to ask this, but how do you obtain plenty of calcium in this diet since one of the major requirements is to knock out dairy.  I am a little worried about it because I do have members in my family who have died of osteoporosis.  And none of them were milk drinkers.  I know it sounds cliche but it is true.  My grandmother would rather have a fork stuck in her eye than drink milk.  I am a woman in her early thirties and I am worried about my calcium intake.  I know there is the raw milk option, but it is illegal here and I am a school teacher.  School teachers have been fired for far lesser crimes.  It is even frowned upon where I live to see teachers having alcohol in public. On top to that, I am not at the stage where I can get over my nonpasteurized phobia.   So what do you guys do to make sure you obtain plenty of calcium?  Supplements?   I know there is the almond milk option, but I am severely allergic to almonds.  So you can see how I am having a little bit of hard time on this diet.  It is clearing up my acne for sure, but I don’t want to sacrifice calcium for it.  Sun exposure is not a problem where I live.  It beats down on you all the time.  So I am good in that department.   I have some books coming in the mail about the paleo diet.  But until then any suggestions?   Thank you.

      • Lori says:

        You can get it from the same place herbivores do: plants. There’s also calcium in sardines and canned salmon, especially if you eat the bones (they’re soft).

        Some recent studies have shown that supplementing calcium doesn’t do a bit of good for bone health, and may calcify the arteries. Too much calcium impedes magnesium absorption as well, and dairy raises insulin beyond what you’d expect from the sugar content. Consider this: why would humans be the only animal that needs to consume milk beyond infancy? Or the milk of other animals?

        Something that has been shown to help bone density is resistance exercise like weight lifting or gardening. About ten years ago, a report came out talking up the benefits of weight-bearing exercise, with the head researcher surprised because she took gardening to be such a "dainty activity."

        • Madalyn says:

          Thanks Lori.  Good to know that I can live without milk.  I have always hated it, but I drank it for strong bones. I have been doing some research about calcium intake and extraction.  Paleo has been a complete paradigm shift for me.  I will look for the salmon also.  Wow gardening has never been "dainty" for me!  All that lifting, sweating, squating, pushing, hauling, and digging in the bright morning sun just wipes me out.  I look like my boyfriend when he comes out of  Crossfit.  He’s the one tha got me to try this paleo lifestyle, but I noticed he took all the darwinism out of it while explaining it.  I guess because I am a devout Catholic. ( It doesn’t bother me that much) So good to know I have been doing *something* right.  I will keep up the gardening.  It beats a glass of skim milk. Yuck!

  2. R.K. says:

    I hope to become an archeologist so that I can be the first to uncover a paleolithic tofu press.

  3. Matt says:

     Don’t worry all.  I obviously chose the duck.  No tofu spoling my meal.

  4. Jackson says:

    I’m not shocked about the tofu because I assume the vegetarians would whine if it weren’t there, but having eaten it as a vegan on many occasions I’m trying not to gag at the idea of it being braised.  Gugh…

  5. Sarah says:

    The Paleolithic Tea service can be found at Samovar Tea Lounge ­čÖé  

  6. Naomi Most says:

    Oh yes, I have been to Samovar many times.  Despite the apparent wankery, their food is actually quite nice.  And their tea is excellent.

    Yes, "tofu" is not Paleo, but you have to understand: in SF people are accustomed to getting exactly what they want catered to their individual belief systems.  Most likely they got enough requests of "can I substitute tofu" that they added it to the menu.  (Or more likely, they anticipated those requests based on past experiences.)

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