These paleo donuts were at our CrossFit NYC Halloween Party.

False advertising — turns out they weren’t actually paleo.  Of course, it won’t be long for people slap the word “paleo” on a bunch of garbage and try to sell it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Check out Dr. Oz’s new prehistoric diet! 

  2. Paul Brin says:

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  3. Josh R says:

    For your information, I personally hunted for those donuts myself. Well, ok, I gathered them. Into the box. I mean, technically, I pointed to them. But SOMEONE gathered them, right? Paleo!


  4. Soul says:

    Not exactly Duncan Donuts related, but I’ve thought for awhile that it would be a positive if large food firms became involved in packaging and marketing "paleo meals".  Believe at one time Unilever was even looking into it.  Probably the #1 complaint I read from others about low carb eating and the paleo diet is the high cost of eating this way.  It discourages some from trying the diet.  Having relatively inexpensive, convient to purchase meals would be a plus.           

    • John says:

      I agree with you on that. Ways to make it cheaper and more accessible would be a good thing…even if it entailed some trade-offs.

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