1. The Rise of Gluten-Free Baking (NYT) — I think this is a good thing, on net, right?
  2. Eat Fat, Stay Lean (NYT) — The study is tiny, but at least the fat phobia may be fading
  3. Traditional Mongolian Herders warily enter the stock market
  4. Is wild fruit actually small and bitter?
  5. A touching tribute from a daughter to her father


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  1. Thanks for the shout out!  Yay!

    • Alishahndra says:

      I am sorry that your father’s death was traumatic. Thank you for being open to sharing your experiences. I discovered Paleo at least a year before I started going to a (phenominal) chiropractor. (The only reason I first went to the chiropractor was because of a Judo injury…and I went kicking and screaming, but I am so glad I went.) I totally agree that chiropractic care and supplamentation should be more talked about in the Paleo community!  My chiropractor, Ellen Blomerth (up in Peabody, MA) had me take a 4-page health quiz and suggested I take a supplament for adrenal health as well as calcium lactate. The calcium stopped muscle spasms that I have been having for years (I stopped drinking milk years and years ago). When I stop taking the adrenal gland support pills, I would get light-headed upon standing (or throwing people). Better diet helps, but supplaments can make up for years of accidental nutritional deficiencies. Thank you for starting your blog.

      • I’m actually in Beverly MA!  I don’t know Dr Ellen.  But Dr Stephen Franson’s practice is in Beverly as well. They have a huge, paleo-based chiropractic office.  Its called Franson Family Chiropractic and they do really great seminars (for free) once a month.  Check out their website for vimeos of past talks.  I think getting your spine checked is abosolutely essential and I am excited for the paleo subculture to catch on.  I’m going to write a bit about my experience with chiropractic on my blog. Also there are a lot of DCs that have been promoting paleo dietsyle for years, even before some of these bloggers got so famous! (wink wink)

  2. Maggie says:

     Have you seen the new "MyPlate" from the USDA? Just came out today – a whole quarter of your plate is allocated to grains :(

    I think gluten-free baking is ok… It’s still processed carbs though!

    Thanks for the links.

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