Received a nice shout out from @CrossFit. They’re quoting from a section of The Paleo Manifesto explaining the rise and success of CrossFit.

I had the opportunity to visit CrossFit HQ a few weeks ago. I was a guest on their new web show, Offline, along with Tony Blauer, Web Smith, and host Russell Berger.

Got a chance to hit the box at HQ.


Also, here’s what Joshua Newman, founder of CrossFit NYC, had to say:

The Paleo Manifesto is now the definitive guide to going paleo. Smart, compelling, entertaining and accessible, it’s the book I’ll be recommending to our members at CrossFit NYC, and to anyone interested in looking, feeling and performing their best!”

Pick up your copy of The Paleo Manifesto at Amazon. Or at B&N. Or at iBookstore. Or at Indiebound.

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