I did a count of how many times the word “paleo” appears in the book. It shows up 19 times, with nearly half of the uses appearing in the first chapter. (The word “caveman” — or any word with “cave” as the root — appears 22 times, 20 of which are in the first chapter.) Part One contains no uses of “paleo”, and 11 of 16 chapters contain no uses.

(9) 1. Becoming the Caveman

Part One: Origins
(0) 2. Know Thy Species (Animal Age)
(0) 3. Rise and Fall (Paleolithic Age)
(0) 4. Moses the Microbiologist (Agricultural Age)
(0) 5. Homo Invictus (Industrial Age)
(0) 6. Biohackers (Information Age)

Part Two: Here and Now
(0) 7. Food: The Conventional Wisdom
(4) 8. Food: Principles for a Healthy Diet
(0) 9. Fasting
(4) 10. Movement
(0) 11. Bipedalism: Stand, Walk, Run
(0) 12. Thermoregulation
(0) 13. Sunrise, Sunset

Part Three: Visions
(1) 14. Hunter
(1) 15. Gatherer
(0) Conclusion: Habitats, Old and New

So I think it’s fair to say that The Paleo Manifesto is not about paleo.

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  1. James says:

    When will the book by out on kindle. Looking fwd to reading it but can’t buy a paper copy where I live.

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