I just did a fun interview with Kettlebell Kitchen, including my top three predictions for health trends over the next three years:

Microbes. Microbes are hot a topic right now — gut health, fermented foods, probiotics, chronic infections — and that will only continue as we learn how many more health conditions (cancer, mental disorders) are influenced by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other tiny critters. It will one day become commonplace for doctors to prescribe a course of probiotics after a course of antibiotics.

Habitats. People will shift away from trying to change their bad habits through willpower and discipline — like New Year’s resolutions — and increasingly focus on changing their physical habitats (bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and gyms) in ways that make it easier to be healthy without requiring discipline. That’s how they do it in zoos.

Habits. Biohacking will shift away from simply tracking our behaviors to actually motivating us to create new habits.

Read the full interview, which also discusses:

  • my two biggest challenges eating paleo in NYC
  • The Great Chicken Stock Disaster of 2010-11
  • critics of paleo
  • and more…

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  1. allison says:

    john, i just finished your book and am planning to give a few copies as gifts. bravo on an excellent read! i have been following a paleo diet and lifestyle template for over a year now and i feel that it truly is the “missing link” in our contemporary lives. i was very interested in your prediction of a change in habitat trend. i have an educational background in drafting and interior design and would love to learn more and participate in such a movement. any suggestions for a place to start?

  2. homepage says:

    Whether this is true or not is very debatable
    but wine and brandy are created from grapes which are a paleo-helpful foods.
    The difference between Crossfit and other workouts is that Crossfit is designed not
    to specialize, but to cross train so that your body does not get accustomed to any one workout and is continually developing new skills and muscles.
    Surprisingly, egg consumption is encouraged, as long as you
    keep it to a maximum of six eggs a week.

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