It's nearly Thanksgiving.  Which means after Thanksgiving dinner, you'll hear someone say: "Boy, I'm sleepy.  Must be all that trypophan in the turkey."  Forget the rolls, mashed potatoes, corn bread, stuffing, cranberries, alcohol, and pumpkin pie.  BLAME THE TURKEY.  Yeah, just blame the healthiest item on your plate.  

Here's the scoop from Snopes:  "Turkey does contain tryptophan, an amino acid which is a natural sedative.  But tryptophan doesn't act on the brain unless it is taken on an empty stomach with no protein present [JD: must be hard to get it from eating turkey in that case], and the amount gobbled even during a holiday feast is generally too small to have an appreciable effect."

Sweet, sweet vindication for unfairly maligned dead turkeys everywhere.  Eat what you want for Thanksgiving, but DON'T BLAME THE DAMN TURKEY.



You are falling into a deeeeeeeep sleep

9 Responses to “Does eating turkey make you tired? The Myth of Tryptophan at Thanksgiving”

  1. Tuck says:

    Wheat and sugar both put me down, and Thanksgiving usually contains a lot of that… 

    But turkey also has a different fatty acid profile from other birds, with a lot more of the not-so-hot-for-you linoleic acid.  Linoleic acid content, however is dependent on what they’re fed;  the advantage of grass-fed beef is a lower linoleic acid level due to the lack of grain feed.

    But then we have tradition…  So this year I’ve found some pastured turkeys, and I’ll be eating one of those for T-day.

    I’ll report back once I recover from the food coma, if it occurs. :)

  2. RadRad says:

     Must…obey…Hypnoturkey… @__@

  3. Anonymous says:

    fine… but how do you figure turkey is the healthiest thanksgiving food?

    • Jean Finet says:

      Hey, Anonymous. Read the words and the context. John didn’t say it was the heathiest Thanksgiving food. He said it was the "healthiest thing on your plate" – in comparision to "the rolls, mashed potatoes, corn bread, stuffing, cranberries, alcohol, and pumpkin pie" – seems pretty obvious to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        i dont know if you intended that to come across so snide lol. i read the entire post and i am a master of context. perhaps turkey will be the healthiest thing on your plate, not mine.

        • Jean Finet says:

          Then I must take from the context of everything you’ve said to date that you’re some type of vegan troll hiding behind the moniker "Anonymous." And a "modest" one at that.

          • Anonymous says:
            Instead of engaging in discussion ms. finet prefers to prove she’s both a master of context and snide remarks too! How modest! Oh yes, im such a vegan troll, cuz I plan to put out salad and roasted vegetables for my guests. jean, would you like my home address now? You can have a plate too.
            In any case, now that you got me back here…
            the Snopes report was all very interesting, but if you really want to know whether turkey is the culprit that makes you tired, perhaps try not eating any and see how you feel. 

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