Fun column in today’s Detroit News:

“I am very sick of caveman jokes. I’ve been laughing at caveman jokes for seven years.”

Or at least pretending to. After the 2,000th GEICO reference, the smiles are as labored as a mammoth in a tar pit.

 Oh, well played, Neal Rubin — well played.

“The Paleo Manifesto” is not, by intent, a diet book. Shopping his proposal to publishers, he insisted that the word “diet” not be on the cover.

That probably cost him some offers [JD: it did], but it left him pleased with the final product, a highly readable blend of scholarship and occasional snark. (“If I’m not going to eat like a vegan, I sure as hell don’t want to act like one.”)

The rest of the article is well-written and entertaining.

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  1. Jim says:

    Well done on keeping “diet” out of the title. Even Art gave in and let them stick diet on his book.

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