Last month I wrote why gourmet cupcakes are evil.  Well, here are some updates from the cupcake front.

1. My post got picked up by Gawker Media's Jezebel here, and again here.  I got a little flak for being sexist (and it's true, I was) — but hey, I didn't force these bakeries to design limited edition Sex and City cupcakes or wrap them up in little pink boxes.  The businesses seem to know the sex of their core customers.  (Men and beer are just as bad, as Jezebel points out.)

2. Apparently, cupcake stores have been a bright spot for the New York City economy.  Why?  "For three dollars people can buy something for themselves instead of spending 100 bucks on a dinner and still feel like they’re treating themselves.”  And for the same price you could get a few candy bars, but that would just be so tacky.

3. Cupcakes now have multiple TV shows.  Food Network's Cupcake Wars is joined by DC Cupcakes.  You can imagine all the plot twists — maybe they'll run out of a popular flavor!  Oh right, on the first episode there is a RED VELVET CRISIS.  OMG, we're out of red velvet cupcakes.  How could we run out of red velvet cupcakes on the day that the cameras are here and only two hours after I told you on camera that we better not run out of red velvet cupcakes today.  The Washington Post pans it.  But I'm sure it will do great.

4. In times of war, you can always count on the Brits: Enough with the cupcakes, already.  The whole article is great.  Here is a particularly nice bit:

There’s also something unsettling at the heart of cupcake culture. A recent visit to one of the many cupcake bakeries in London saw it packed with women in their thirties, cooing over the cutesy, calorie-jammed treats as if they were newborn babies, which for many is part of the problem. “What frustrates me is the way cupcakes have been so completely embraced by otherwise sensible adult women,” says the food blogger Sophie Jordan. “Glitter, heart-shaped sprinkles, pink frosting: these are the most infantilised baked goods imaginable.” It seems the fact that cupcakes now represent a lifestyle choice, rather than just a nice bit of cake, is causing some serious bad feeling, with one dissenter describing those who like them as “the kind of women who speak in baby voices to their partner”.

Amen.  The cupcake wars rage on.

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  1. Bill Sparks says:

    The "cupcake wars"………….much ado about nothing ! The body politic faces much more serious issues. At least cupcakes have some  value. Our currency probably has none!




  2. Wallace says:

    What annoys me is that, after Sarah Jessica PeePee helped stereotype our city as this cupcake loving, cab taking, cosmo drinking shopping mecca, the whole midwest followed her. Yes, it’s great for NY’s bottom line, but so much of what made this city great has fallen by the wayside. I suppose we can let the beautiful people take over Manhattan while us hoi polloi continue existing normal lives in the outer boroughs. Brooklyn should secede from the union, I’m off to start the movement. The Bus Girls must be stopped Johnny Boy, keep fighting the good fight. See you on the tracks in Englishtown…

  3. Collin says:

    Right on, John.  Women coo and babble over pink cupcakes with fake, edible pearls on them (really, they do!) and you’re called sexist for merely echoing what is occurring in actuality.  The next time I pass Butter Lane, Magnolia or any of the other sugar peddlers in this city, I’ll ask for my Steve McQueen cupcake.  Undoubtedly, all I’ll get is an Alexander McQueen cupcake. It’s fairly simple.  Women like cute, pink, sweet edibles, while men like things like a meat challenge.  To be aware of that I think shows your being in tune to women, not sexist towards them.  Personally, I think it’s sexist to deny the differences.

    • Alison says:

       I’m a woman, I hate pink, and I love meat.  Some men like pink and hate meat.  Your statement was in no way "in tune" with women and was in every way sexist.  Try interacting with a few women before making comments about them, okay?

    • Alishahndra says:

      I’m not going to lie, I read Steve McQueen cupcake and I thought "Mmmm, bacon frosting on a chocolate cupcake, with a hint of maple syrup."  Sorry guys, I am still a baker at heart. 

    • Elliot says:

      I agree that, in general, women are far more likely to participate in the cupcake phenomenon as John has already pointed out.  That can be easily determined by a quick census of a cupcake store.  However, it IS sexist so say something such as "It’s fairly simple.  Women like cute, pink, sweet edibles, while men like things like a meat challenge."  That’s a gross generalization, and I think many women would be quick to disagree with you (particularly on a paleo blog!).  Men too, given the popularity of vegetarianism among the general population. 

  4.  I thought I was one of the few anti-gourmet baked goods people haha. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge supporter of artisan products, however I reserve the right to believe these should not be a daily or weekly occurrence in my diet. Personally, I avoid them entirely as they are far too sweet. In the right context, I can see someone being delighted at the gifting on a birthday or Christmas with one of these calorically packed personal cakes. To each their own I suppose. Side note: I can’t stand women who talk in that desperate, fragile tone. I’ve got a voice and I like to assert! :)

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