Chris Kresser wrote a nice review of the book.

Here’s one part on my critique of vegetarianism:

John…explains how vegetarianism, though often noble in thought, does not adequately tackle the many environmental and ethical issues in our current industrial food system. It’s the most controversial section of the book, but John does a great job respecting vegetarians’ philosophical viewpoints while still pointing out the flaws in their logic. As a former vegetarian, I think it’s important to respect others’ lifestyle choices while still shedding light on the myths promoted by organizations with an anti-meat agenda, and John does this tactfully.

I saved the provocative and controversial material on vegetarianism for the last chapter.

Here’s more:

The best part about John’s book is that it is written in an engaging, narrative style. John shares his own perspective and experience while still using scientifically sound arguments for why the lifestyle he promotes will help us move closer to holistic, habitat-based human health as modeled by nature. It’s a great book to inspire you or a loved one to make changes in the way you live, whether that be hunting or growing your own food, investing in a stand-up desk, or finding a style of movement that truly satisfies your need for both physical challenge and playfulness.

Check out the full review.

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  1. eve says:

    Thanks to Chris’s review, I already bought the book (Kindle version) and already read some lines!
    It’s great. I will subscribe also 🙂
    Great work, nice to meet u John!

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