No, not that can kind of bonobos.  The men’s apparel company Bonobos.  Who have a pair of pants dubbed the "Meanderthals".  From the description:

"These black wool pants are about you, the urban caveman. Sleek. Simple. Lethal. Bootcut. Borne from millenia of harsh evolution and a few careful weeks of intelligent design, the Meanderthals ruthlessly cut down to the basics.

Not since the old-school Savage have we seen such a versatile bullet in the modern man’s closet. The Meanderthals pair well with a plain white dress shirt, light pastels or a bear skin on top.

Unlike its namesake however, these pants work even in warmer climes. The tropical wool provides an ideal drape to take you from cocktail party to raiding party. These pants were last seen 30,000 years ago – don’t wait another 30,000 to get your hands on them."

Urban caveman….hmmm….sounds a lot like a NYT Style Section piece a few months back.  You can buy them here.  If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll see if I can get a little discount.

4 Responses to “Bonobos!”

  1. Verdilak says:

     Sheesh, these are just pants. They could have at least made it a bit more fun if they are going to these lengths to market their pants. Something like fig leaf prints or at the very least a leather kilt. Though they have those already: Utilikilts.

    • Richard Garcia says:

      You’re such a trendsetter John! I’ve always thought you’d make a great pant model.

      Raiding party? Clearly, I’m not in the urban caveman crowd.

      • Jeff Cramblit says:

        The 5.11 Tacticals seem a little more fitting, but I see you going toward something in RealTree AP Camo very soon since your hunting education has begun, more time in the woods, Life’s Good

    • fearsclave says:

      Utilikilts FTMFW!  Or 5.11 Tactical pants.  Grok would have loved 5.11’s.

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