Does anyone else get inflammation from drinking beer?  It’s pretty typical to wake up with a swollen face after a six, seven, eight beer night.  Puffy cheeks, eyes, nose looking back at you in the mirror.  But how about even after a beer or two?  I’ve noticed for a long time that even after one beer I feel inflammation in my sinuses, clogging up my breathing and making my voice sound a bit more nasal.  Sexy.

I’m going to be posting more about alcohol this week, so stay tuned.

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  1. Daniel Wired says:

     I do notice that after a night of heavy drinking my face drys up and whatnot, very annoying, but one main reason I don’t drink as much (under making a fool of myself when im drunk ­čÖé

  2. Aarurl says:

    Yes beer sucks, it brings back my allergies. I need to quit it, but I enjoy trying new beers. The best thing about eating paleo was when my allergies disseapeared. My allergies were so bad I used to hate summer! Now I can’t stand the cold winters (low bodyfat?) and I love the heat.

  3. Nick Hamilton says:

    I used to never get inflammation of any sort when drinking – at least I never noticed it before I started eating Paleo.  After just one or two beers, I definitely experience very similar symptoms with my sinuses, which tend to last for a day or two after.  I do not experience any puffiness.  The worst part is that drinking beer tends to upset my stomach and bring back some IBS like symptoms that stretch into the next day.  Since going Paleo, I rarely drink beer and if I do, I only have one or two.  Wine does not seem to affect me the same way, though.  Looking forward to more posts on alcohol.  

  4. Romeo says:

    Yeah, I get exactly that effect. First I thought I found a correlation with canned beer, not with bottled beer… but I am not fully sure.

    I tested my allergies – but I have none, zero, zip. The doctor told me I have a histamine reaction "as if my body reacts to an allergy", basically a counter-reaction to an allergy that I do not have. Apparently people can have that reaction to beer and cheese (and some other stuff)… and guess what; I cannot eat cheese, the smell and taste makes me throw up immediately. But I can eat/drink yoghurt and milk – although I avoid it most of the time.

    What is your explanation John?




  5. Romeo says:

    Yeah, I have that. What is your explanation, John?

    My doctor tells me it is a histamine reaction, or counter reaction to an allergy which I do not have.



  6. Geoff says:

     I really do. I had given up beer for a while, but last week we had an office party and I had a couple of bud lights. I could instantly feel the difference in how I felt, particularly in my stomach. It’s funny because looking back I definitely felt the same way before I ever started the paleo diet, but now I just have the contrast to compare it with.

  7. Nate Lowrie says:

     I haven’t really noticed it when I drink an occasional beer, but there are a couple of things that really cook off sinus inflammation and heavy mucus generation.  Diet Soda is one.  Subway subs are the other.  I don’t know what’s in that bread but my body definitely doesn’t like it.  Now, I haven’t eaten a sub since I went Paleo, but the reaction happened when I was eating according to CW and I imagine it would be heightened now that my body is tuned for real food.

  8. Paleobeast says:

    I have a similar reaction which I never really noticed until after changing my diet.  The other annoying effect is that I wake up between 3 and 4 am after having any alcohol in the evening.

  9. BTCHLPS says:

    Puffy Puffy Puffy, An Unfortunate Side Effect

  10. Lyndsay says:

    I also had this problem with puffiness, stuffiness, fuzz-brain and irritated tummy until I tried gluten-free beers, such as Bard’s Tale and Redbridge. Poof! No hangover, even after a six-pack and no puff eyes in the morning. Went to our fave micro-brewery last night and someone bought me a pint of APA, I felt obliged to drink it- BIG MISTAKE! Just one brought back all the symptoms. I would give Bard’s Tale a try.

  11. Aaron says:

    I have the same reaction whenever I drink beer from bigger breweries in general. My face would get huge, puffy, and red, and breathing would be more difficult. Then I tried an organic home-brewed beer, and I didn’t have ANY symptoms! Now we are in the process of starting a brewery, and no matter the recipe, I am able to drink with very minimal effects. The only commercial breweries’ products I can drink are Organic from Hopworks here in Portland, OR.

  12. Not only is beer grain based, it’s fermented…  Anyone who feels better on a paleo diet would not do well with beer or distilled liquor in general.  Red Wine (from grapes) might be easier on the system if you’re doing to drink at all..


    I know Subway doesn’t use real ingredients in their food..  LIke the chicken has weird protein isolates and fillers to save money.  The bread is probably bromated and just crap in general.  I would never eat Subway again…



  13. Ryan Denner says:

    Funny that I saw this today (from your recent blog to Kentucky).  I gave up all booze for lent this year, and had about 4-5 beers yesterday.  Enough for a buzz, and definitely not drunk.  I woke up this morning sneezing, and sniffling. First time I ever noticed this!  

    • r wilson says:

      Absoulty, sounds like gluten allergy i have noticed this for years . organic beer helps but the inflamation is also from the gluten. . every one is allergic to it, but most people just except it as normal. wine wouldnt have that effect,too bad i love beer;’

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