1. Bacon stops nosebleeds
  2. German eats 64-year old tub of lard
  3. Fungus eats polyurethane, solves landfill problem
  4. Selfless acts by men increase when attractive women nearby
  5. Pets getting fatter

3 Responses to “Assorted links”

  1. Victoria says:

     Hmm- That lard might be better than the stuff you can get in the stores today.  It reminded me of this paper which showed that looked at the lipid profiles of modern vs traditional (1909) foods.  Today’s ard has about 3X the linoleic acid than that from 1909…

    Let’s see if I can actually paste a link here


  2. Joey says:

    From the "Selfless acts by men increase when attractive women nearby": 

    "Practically, this research shows how societies can encourage selfless acts."

    I’m not so sure the effects would be lasting. If a male has constant contact with females they want to "copulate" with, then doesn’t that wear off? Sort of the, "oh it’s just so and so," when the male realizes there isn’t a chance of reproduction.

    Interesting research, regardless.

  3. Chris says:

     Obviously those pets need running shoes so they can exercise more.

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