1. Woman marries herself
  2. Paleo origins of hook-up culture
  3. Do we pick leaders based on their voice?  Of course, we do.
  4. Celebs without deception
  5. 1960 photo of record-setting sky-dive

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  1. Joe Maller says:

    Did you read up on Project Excelsior? The story of jumper in the photo, Joe Kittinger, seems like it would fit with some of your recent thinking.

    On his first jump, Kittinger lost consciousness and nearly died. On the last jump, the one in the picture, the pressure seal in his right glove failed during ascent. His hand swelled to twice it’s normal size and became temporarily useless. He declined to mention this to ground control because he thought they’d abort the jump if he told them.

    He also survived 11 months in the Hanoi Hilton and, after retiring from the Air Force, crossed the Atlantic solo in a gas-filled balloon. Among other things.

    Amazing man.

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